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  • College Students & Young Adults

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    Are you having a difficult time handling the life transition from high school to college, or the transition from college to being a young professional? The transition to young adulthood is one that can be overwhelming and one that you’re usually never prepared for in high school and in college.

    It’s often challenging to navigate the issues that can arise during this period on your own or simply with the support of your friends and family. This is where an expert opinion on what you’re going through, or a non-judgmental ear just to listen, can be helpful.

    I support college students and young adults with a multitude of struggles, including but not limited to, issues surrounding:

    • Academic anxiety and generalized anxiety
    • Burnout and career dissatisfaction
    • Confidence and self-worth
    • Dating and relationships
    • Feeling confused and lost
    • Friendship changes and losses
    • Identity crises and personal development

    You may have gone through life just fine until this point, but perhaps now you are dealing with many life “firsts”, such as challenges related to your first big move, your first adult job, your first serious relationship or your first long-term relationship heartbreak, etc. Whatever the circumstances might be, this is a unique time and one that you don’t need to navigate alone.

    If you’ve been feeling hopeless lately, struggling with a problem that feels impossible to manage, or you’re simply looking to better understand yourself, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help you through this phase of life.