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  • Who Am I?

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    Rachel Ziegler, LCSW, PMH-C, BHP

    Growing up, my parents instilled in me the values of community service and humility at a very young age, and ever since, I’ve had a lifelong passion for helping others and making a difference. Although always an interest of mine, it took a few years in the fields of education and social work for me to find “my calling”. Ultimately, after becoming disheartened by some of the flaws and gaps in the education system, I made the decision to pursue graduate school. Upon being accepted into several top 10 programs, I decided on The University of Texas.

    Graduating with honors and an idealistic heart, I began my clinical career working primarily with families in the foster care system. Thereafter, I changed the direction of my career and became a birth-five specialist where I provided therapeutic services to young children and their parents, with the hope that early intervention could reduce the need for more intensive therapy later on in adolescence and/or adulthood. I’ve had a myriad of professional experiences in both the public and private sector since then, ranging from treating children and families involved in high-profile trauma cases in the media to high-profile families in private practice, with a diverse scope of individuals and presenting problems between both ends of that spectrum.

    In my personal time, I enjoy hiking, reading, running, traveling, and spending quality time with my husband and our two dogs. I also have a strong interest in supporting and volunteering with child abuse, domestic violence, foster care, and sex trafficking nonprofits and initiatives.

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